JICAは、ABEイニシアティブの主要な取り組みとして、「修士課程およびインターンシップ」プログラムを開始し、アフリカ諸国にて産業開発を担う優秀な若手人材を外国人留学生として日本へ受入れ、本邦大学における、原則として英語による修士課程教育と、企業への見学およびインターンシップ実習を実施予定です。                                                Welcome to the portal website of ABE initiative: http://education-japan.org/africa/                                                                

農学研究科 『Special Program for Foreign Students in Arid Land Agricultural Sciences』

工学研究科 『Special Program for Foreign Students』

Voice of International Students, Tottori University
I Joined Tottori University in October, 2013 as research student for six months, and now I am a PhD fellow at the graduate school of Engineering, department of Chemistry and Biotechnology. I am interested in the preparation of nanofibers from renewable, biodegradable, low cost and environmentally friendly resources. As you all know, to fully understand and describe scientific researches, the availability of chemicals and instruments is one of the most decisive factors. Here in Tottori University, graduate school of Engineering, Professor Hiroyuki Saimoto laboratory, where I am studying is free from the shortage of chemicals and instruments. Honestly speaking this is unlikely in many of the universities in the developing nations. In addition to availability of chemicals and instruments, my professors are committed to provide me the necessary technical support to carryout my research.

Fantahun Aklog Yihun from Ethiopia
Graduate School of Engineering, Tottori University Doctoral course, department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

Tottori  city with its beautiful nature, welcoming people and good service makes my daily life simple and enjoyable, which is very important to focus on my study. As to my truly belief studying in Japan can help the scholars to gain the latest scientific research skills and knowledge, and they can also learn the habit of hard working, frankness and many Japanese cultures. 


Frank Kalema KALEMELAWA (Ph.D.) from Uganda
Coordinator of Global Human Resource Development Project, Tottori University
This is to inspire prospective international students to come study at Tottori University-Japan, by sharing my own student-life experiences at this great institution.

I feel a great sense of honour and pride to have been ‘schooled’ at Tottori University. I attained my Master’s and Doctoral degrees here in a period of 5 years, from Oct 2008 through to Oct 2013. I specialized in agricultural waste recycling (banana waste) through biochar and compost production for sustainable agricultural production and environment preservation.

Studying at Tottori University was very enlightening, and innervated several abilities in me that might never have been developed. The widely diverse student/staff population from different backgrounds and regions of the World provided an ideal environment for growth not just academically, but holistically into a ‘Global citizen’. At Tottori University, you will find the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for your successful study.

Lastly, I am grateful the broader Tottori university community for the honour to have been hired in my current position of Coordinator - Global Human Resource Development Project – Tottori University.