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Q&A about the application regarding Immigration Bureau

Q&A about the application regarding the Immigration Bureau

Item Question Answer
Change of Status of Residence 1.How can I change my visa status from "Temporary Visitor" to "College Student" ? 1.First, you need to submit an application for certificate of eligibility. After you get the certificate from the immigration office, you can apply for change of status of residence.

2.If I enter Japan with a "Temporary Visitor" visa and want to change my residence status to "College Student," can I directly apply for "Change of Status of Residence"? 

2.Yes, you can apply for change of status of residence if the class starts within 1 month. However, If you couldn't get the permission, you need to go back to your country.

3. After submittting documents for change of  status from "College Student" to "Professor," the starting date of work was changed. What should I do in this case?

3.If the document change happens before you get the permission, you need to re-submit a new one. If the change is after getting the permission, you don't need to re-submit a new one.

4.What procedures do I need to follow when I go back to my country after my College Student visa expires.
※What documents are required if I need to apply for change of status of residence?
4.You need to change your status from "College Student" to "Temporary Visitor".
※Besides documents for change of status of residence, you need to prepare the following documents.
①flight ticket for returning
②Letter of reason(the reason why you stay in Japan after the period of stay expires.)
③Certificate of graduation
Extension of Period of Stay 1.What documents do I need for extension of period of stay during the temporary leave from school? 
1.Besides documents for extention of period of stay, you need to prepare following documents.
①Letter from your supervisor about your study and temporary leave from school.
②Letter of reason written by the applicant
③Letter of permission for taking temporary leave from school
2.Is it possible to submit application for extension of period of stay on behalf of a student who plans to join Tottori University? 2.No. The student needs to submit documents at the regional immigration office in charge of his/her current address.
3.In what situation is application by proxy or agent possible?
3.Application by proxy or agent is accepted if the applicant is under the age of 16 or unable to apply because of sickness, etc. In case of sickness, a medical certificate is required.
※Business reason cannot be accepted in this case.
4.Who can be a proxy or agent for an applicant? 4.Family members and roommates, or person who is approved by a regional immigration office.
5.Do I need to submit the original documents of letter of acceptance? 5.Origial documents are required, but they'll be returned after checking the contents.
Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted(Part-time work) 1.How long can I work part-time? 1.Within 28 hours per week
Or, within 8 hours a day during long holidays such as summer, winter or spring holiday.
2.If I have to work more than 28 hours a week for the paid internship, what documents do I need for the permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted?      
2.The following documents are required. 
(Documents prepared by the applicant.)
①Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted
②Certificate of enrollment in which whole enrollment period is written
③A copy of residence card (Original document is required if documents are submitted by the applicant him/herself)
⑤Employment contract(A document with job description of internship and work condition which is  issued by the employer.)
⑥Reason for Application addressed to Hiroshima Regional Immigration Bureau. (A letter of reason from the Faculty of Engineering to Hiroshima Regional Immigration Bureau. The letter should be signed by the person in charge of the internship or supervisor of the applicant.)(This document is prepared by the International Affairs Division.)
⑦A copy of inter-university academic exhange Agreement and memorandum of understanding for student exchange.
※Hoever, if the applicant is not visiting Tottori University during the internship for reporting etc., the residence status should be changed to "Designated Activities."
3.Do I need to obtain the permission when I work part-time?
3.You must obtain the permission from the immigration office before you start working. But if you'll be engaged in following activities, you don't need to apply for the permission.
①Teaching Assistant
②Research Assistant
③Activities for research, research guidance or education at college
a)Paper writing support
b)Data input to PC
4.When an international student goes to the immigration office by himself/herself to apply for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted, how long does it take to get the permission? 
4.You can get the permission on the day you apply if there is no defect on your documents .
1.If my visa is not expired yet, can I re-enter Japan with the college student visa after my period of study ends?
1.You can't re-enter Japan if the period of study ends since the college student visa will also expire at the same time. 
2.How can I use the special re-entry permit system?

2.When you re-enter Japan within 1 year of your department to continue your activities in Japan, you don't need to get a re-entry permit.(Single:3,000 yen, Multiple:4,000 yen), which used to be necessary until July 2012.

A foreign national who intends to depart from Japan with a Special Re-entry Permit must possess a valid passport and a residence card and indicate his/her intention to use the Special Re-entry Permit to an immigration inspector upon departure.

*If your period of stay expires within 1 year after your departure, please ensure that you re-enter Japan before the expiration of your period of stay.

Common 1.If a person other than the applicant covers the costs including school and living expenses is not a family member of the applicant,  s/he can't provide the document which certifies the relationship between the applicant and supporter. What documents do I need in this case?
1.Only a letter of paying expenses and supporter's bank balance certificate are needed. However, you need to submit the following documents for the application for certificate of eligibility.
①Proof of deposit balance prepared by a financial supporter.
②Letter of financial guarantee(format available)
③Document which certifies the relationship between the applicant and supporter.
2.Can the letter of guarantee("Keihi-shibensho") be written in other than Japanese? 2.If it isn't written in Japanese, you need to submit a Japanese translation. (English can be accepted.)
3.How do I translate the document? 3.The translator should write his/her name, and affix his/her signature and seal to the written translation.
4.What procedure do I need to follow if I continue to stay in Japan for the purpose of continuing job-hunting?
4.You need to change the visa status from "College Student" to "Designated Activities".
5.How many months does "Designated Activities visa" allow me to stay in Japan? 5. The period of "Designated Activities" is 6 months. You can renew the visa once and stay for at most 12 months.