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How to gain admission to Tottori University (as an international student)

A. International student categories

1 Undergraduate international student (degree student) A student who is enrolled in an undergraduate degree course, to study for four years (six years in the case of medicine). Upon graduation, the student is awarded a bachelor's degree. Tottori University features undergraduate faculties) in Regional Sciences,Medicine,Engineering, andAgriculture.
2 Graduate international student (degree student) A student who is enrolled in a graduate degree program, to study for two years in the case of a Master's course, or three years in the case of a Doctorate program (four years in the Graduate School of Medicine). Upon completion of a Master's program, the student is awarded a Master's degree; upon completion of a Doctorate program, the student is awarded a Doctoral degree.
There are Tottori University graduate schools in Regional Sciences (Master's), Medical Sciences (Master's and Doctorate), Engineering (Master's and Doctorate), Agriculture (Master's), and the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences   (Doctorate).
3 Research student (non-degree student) An undergraduate or graduate student who wishes to engage in research without earning credits. The period of study is typically one year, but this can be extended by one year in some cases.
As a rule, this form of enrollment is open only to individuals who already possess a bachelor's degree.
4 Special research student
(non-degree student)
A student who is enrolled in a graduate school overseas who comes to Tottori University to conduct research under supervision, after consultation with the graduate school.
5 Special auditing student
(non-degree student)
A student who is enrolled in a university or graduate school overseas who comes to Tottori University to audit selected classes, after consultation with the university or graduate school.

B. Admission Procedures
Admission to Tottori University as an international student involves the following procedures.
Information about entrance exams for admission to Tottori University is available at the Tottori University Entrance Exams information page.

1 Undergraduate international student Please refer to the flowchart on the Japan Student Services Organizationwebsite.

Graduate international student

Applicants are admitted after the passing exams  set by the relevant graduate program.Since each graduate program may apply different procedures, please inquire directly with the     relevant graduate school. Entrance exams are typically held between August and October, for admission from the following April. However, some graduate programs may offer admission from October.

3 Research student

Students are required to contact the professor concerning their research plans before applying.     See the website introduced the research field,       and contact the professors directly or faculty/graduate school.  Students are necessary     to talk with the desired professor about your   research plans and Japanese language skill.

Ask each faculty to get more details.

Because “Graduation certificate” and “Transcript”  are required to apply, prepare them immediately after receiving the desired professor’s reply to  accept.

【Website of Faculty and Graduate Schools】

【Instructors Introduction】-Japanese version only-


Regional Sciences : (TEL)+81857-31-5077

Medicine/Medical Sciences :   (TEL)+81859-38-7100

Engineering :      (TEL)+81857-31-5186

Agriculture :      (TEL)+81857-31-5346