International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Procedure at a City Office

A foreign resident have to make a notification to city office within 14 days after finding a place to settle down or moving house. When a foreign resident gives birth in Japan, parents need to submit a birth notification to a city office within 14 days.

Registration of you residence

When you newly enter Japan
   Please visit city office of your residence and submit a notification about the address of your residence and show your Residence Card (if "Residence Card will be issued at a later date" is stamped beside the landing permission seal on your passport, please show them your passport instead of your Residence Card).
*When your householder is living in outside of Japan:

Official documents to prove your relationship to them will be necessary. If these documents are in a foreign language, you must submit it with Japanese translation.

If you move to another residence in the same city
Please make a notification of changing your address to the city office.

If you move into another city
Please apply to receive a "notification of moving out" at the city where you used to live, and submit it to your new city as a part of your "move-in" application.



Tottori City Office
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