International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Emergency contact for international students

Emergency contact

○Police         : 110

○Ambulance : 119

○Fire engine : 119

Useful website for earthquake(Multiple languages)

NHK radio news

Basic Guide of evacuation for earthquake

Info of earthquake (The MEXT)

Info of natural disaster (JASSO)

Guidelines for canceling classes and exams when weather warning is issued


Emergency numbers

Type When to use Tel
Police To report a crime, traffic accident, etc. 110
Fire department To report a medical emergency (ambulance), fire, etc. 119


Tottori University contacts
Agency Office Remarks Tel
Tottori University International Affairs Division Researcher affairs 0857-31-5010 (ext. 2730)
International Exchange Section FAX 0857-31-6065
International Affairs Division International student affairs 0857-31-5056 (ext. 2740)
International Student Section FAX 0857-31-6065
Student Support Division Entrance fee and Tuition fee exemptions 0857-31-6776 (ext. 2461)
Health Science Center Health consultations 0857-31-5065
International House   0857-28-4808/FAX


Administrative (national government)
Agency Office Remarks Tel Alternative Tel
Hiroshima Regional Immigration Bureau Sakaiminato Branch Office Immigration procedures 0859-47-3600 0859-47-3601(Fax)
Resident Inspection   082-221-4412 082-221-4411
Information Center   082-502-6060  


Administrative (regional and local government)
Agency Office Remarks Tel Alternative Tel
Tottori Prefecture (Main line)   0857-26-7111  
Tottori Public Works Office Building and Housing Division Applications for prefectural housing, etc. (Tottori area) 0857-20-3633  
Yonago Public Works Office Building and Housing Division Applications for prefectural housing, etc. (Yonago area) 0859-31-9752  
International Exchange Foundation International Exchange Center   0857-31-5951 0857-31-5952(Fax)
International Exchange Foundation Yonago Office   0859-34-5931  
Tottori City Hall (Main line)   0857-22-8111  
Building and Housing Division Applications for city housing, etc. (Tottori area) 0857-20-3291  
Tottori City International Exchange Plaza   0857-31-3253  
Yonago City Hall (Main line)   0859-22-7111  


Living in Japan (around the Koyama Campus)
Type Name Tel Address
Police Koyama Police Box (koban) 0857-28-1207  
Post office Tottori Koyama Kita Post Office 0857-31-4879  
Koyama Post Office 0857-28-2210  
Bank San-in Godo Bank, Koyama Branch 0857-28-5111  
Tottori Bank, Koyama Branch 0857-28-1500  
Train JR Koyama station 0857-28-1041  
JR Tottori Daigaku-mae station 0857-28-7631  
JR Tottori station (green counter) 0857-26-2060  
Taxi Nikko Hire 0857-28-1205  
Asahi Taxi 0857-28-0081  
Hospital Ozaki Hospital 0857-28-6616 3683 Koyama-cho
Shima Clinic 0857-28-1264 4137-1 Koyama-cho
Horiuchi Clinic 0857-28-1009 1-623 Koyama-cho Minami
Yoshida Medical Clinic 0857-31-1118 6-448-1 Koyama-cho Kita
Prefectural Chu-ou Hospital 0857-26-2271 730 Gotsu
Tottori Red Cross Hospital 0857-24-8111 117 Shotoku-cho
Tottori Municipal Hospital 0857-31-1522 1-1 Matoba
Imamiya Dental Clinic 0857-31-1212 6-330-1 Koyama-cho Kita
Hirota Dental Clinic 0857-28-5821 2-147-2 Koyama-cho Minami
Maekawa Dental Clinic 0857-28-1218 1-508 Koyama-cho Kita
Ikeda Dental Clinic 0857-31-0987 2-110 Koyama-cho Nishi
Wakushima Koyama Dental Clinic 0857-28-3376 3690-1 Koyama-cho