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Japanese Language Program Guide

Japanese Language Program Course Guide

Second Semester 2018





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Japanese Language Program Overview

At Center for International Affairs of Tottori University, we provide a variety of Japanese courses and classes for our international students and their families.

 [I] Intensive Japanese Language Course
 [Z] Common Subjects (Japanese Language and Japanese Culture and Society)
 [J]  Japanese Studies Program
 [R] "Japanese for Research" Course 
 [N] Comprehensive Japanese Language Course ("NIKNIKO" course)

Courses are determined based on the status of an international student or family member as shown in the table below.

Status Compulsory Credits Attendance Possibility
① Embassy Recommended Government-sponsored research students [I]    
② Teacher training students [I]    
③ Undergraduate students   [Z] [R]
④ Graduate students     [R],[N]
⑤ Special auditing students (short-term exchange students)   [Z] [R],[N]
⑥ Japanese studies program students [J] [Z] [R],[N]
⑦ Research students     [R],[N]
⑧ Non-degree, auditing students other than ⑤ and ⑥     [R],[N]
⑨ Researchers, families of international students etc     [N]

*However, students may be able to enroll in other courses or subjects depending on their Japanese level or other conditions. 

*The [R] "Japanese for Research" Program is intended for international students who plan to prepare their presentations and thesis in Japanese.

[I] Intensive Japanese Language Course (Preliminary Japanese Language Education)

[Z] Common Subjects for all faculties "Japanese Language - Japanese Culture & Society"

[J] [R] [N] Comprehensive Japanese Language Course - Others