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"Trusted Renting Net" support initiative

 The "Trusted Renting Net" support initiative provides assistance for persons searching for apartment housing.
This project is administered by Tottori Prefecture, in cooperation with real estate companies and welfare service organization with the aim of helping elderly, disabled, and foreign residents, as well as households raising children, to secure suitable housing easily.
Real estate agents cooperating in this initiative register with the prefectural government as a "Trusted Renting Net partner business" and work to help applicable customers find a place to live comfortably and without stress.


How to use "Trusted Renting Net"

Fill out a "Residence Request Sheet" and send it to the counselor by postal or electronic mail.
Or you can call the counselor directly.


Mr. Shoichi Nozawa, Counselor

Tottori Real Estate Association - East Tottori Branch
1F Tottori-ken Fudosan Kaikan, 2-125 Kawabata, Tottori-shi 680-0036
Tel. 090-7135-3686 (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Mail anshin-e@tottori-takken.or.jp

Questionnaire form

Residence sheet for residence - JapaneseResidence sheet for residence - Japanese
Residence sheet for residence - EnglishResidence sheet for residence - English
Download and fill out.

Reference information

Tottori Prefecture real estate information website ("House and Land in Tottori")
Housing Policy Division, Living Safety Bureau, Living Environment Department, Tottori Prefecture