International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Tottori University Global Gateway Program

Tottori University, under its “Global Gateway Program (TGGP)”, offers different kinds of overseas language study and cultural exchange programs that are provided during summer or spring vacations. The programs under the TGGP are classified into three different categories as (1) overseas practical education programs, (2) language training and cross-cultural programs, and (3) language training programs and the level of academic and foreign language skills each program requires is clearly indicated so that students can easy decide which program to participate in.

Overseas Practical Education Programs

In Mexico, program participants are taught by professors from the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS) and Northwest Center for Biological Research (CIBNOR), both located in the southern part of Baja California, Mexico. All lectures and field surveys are conducted in English.
The six-week Mexico program aims at enhancing students’ understanding about global scale programs such as desertification and food shortage and developing their basic ability to identify problems by themselves and come up with new ideas to solve the problems.

In Uganda, students take lectures at Makerere University on a wide range of topics covering the socio economic, cultural and historical aspects of Africa and Uganda in particular. They also visit the Japanese Embassy and JICA office in Kampala where they learn about the Japan-Uganda relations and JICA’s activities in the country, respectively. Furthermore, students enrich their understanding about the Ugandan society and environment through visits to elementary and comprehensive secondary schools, health facilities, agricultural research centers and national parks where they can see lions, elephants and other wild animals. Students participating in this program have the opportunity to experience the best of Africa, which is a continent expected to grow rapidly from now on.

Language Training Programs, Language Training and Cross-cultural Programs

Language training programs: These programs are offered by sister universities in Canada, USA and Australia and students attend these programs mainly to develop their practical English skills but they also have the opportunity to experience home stay and new living environment.
Language training and cross-cultural programs: These programs are offered in Malaysia and Taiwan. In addition to language skill development, students attending these programs can enhance their understanding about the culture, tradition and history of these countries.