International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Prefectural and City housing

Application information (for Tottori area)


Prefectural housing

Details of all prefectral houses in Tottori city

Application:  May 1 - 11

(Move-in date:June 1, 2023)

Place to Apply: Tottori Prefecture Housing Supply Corp. Head Office

※Please apply by mail

※If there are multiple applications for the same house, we will choose fairly by lot and notice the lottery result

Date of information session : May 22

               Reception hours:10:00~

Place of information session: conference room no.202 (2nd floor, Tottori Prefectural East General Office)

*Please accompany someone who can speak Japanese when you apply for the Prefectural housing if you cannot speak Japanese.

Please think about using the community Volunteer interpreter of Tottori Prefectural International Exchange Foundation, if you cannot find any friends who can help you.
The pre-application for the interpreter is required.

Available housing : Hamasaka(3DK), Suetsune (3DK, 3LDK)


City housing



 If you are going to apply for the prefectural housing as a single-person household, you can only apply for houses with 2 or less rooms(2DK, 1LDK, 1DK). However you can apply for houses with 3 or more rooms(3DK, 4DK ), if the application is announced for the second time.


Equipment like air conditions or boilers might have been installed by former inhabitants. So, when they break down, no one guarantees them and you have to buy your own new ones if you need. Please listen to their explanation carefully when you make a contract with them.

【Precautions for Residents of Prefecture and City Houses】

Application for the prefectural housing project

Public agency : Tottori-ken jyutaku kyokyu kousya 
Address: Tanaka biru 4-207 Denen-cho, Tottori-city

Map of Jyutaku kyokyu Kousya

The list of required documents for applying for Tottori -prefecture-run houses


Application Documents

Where to apply for document/remarks


Application for Prefectural Housing

Written promise

Tottori Public Works Office, Building and Housing Division (also click here for downloads.)


Copy of a certificate of residence(It is called"juminhyo" in Japanese) 

Administrative Services Center, 1st floor, Tottori City Hall (Main Bldg.)
Citizens Section, 1st floor, Tottori City Hall


Certificate of Enrollment

Educational Affairs Section, Education Support Division, Tottori University


Certificate of Income Tax

Administrative Services Center, 1st floor, Tottori City Hall (Main Bldg.)
Citizens Section, 1st floor, Tottori City Hall


Copy of rental contract


Please confirm at Tottori-ken jyutaku kyokyu whether you need some other documents besides the above and apply there.

Applying for the city housing project

Please contact below.

Office address: Tottori city office, " Kenchikujutaku-ka" section 
Saiwaicho, Tottori-shi