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National Health Insurance


National Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance scheme is a fundamental part of Japan's medical care system. It is designed to cover a portion of the medical expenses occurred by citizens.
All foreign residents of Japan must join the scheme. (All international students who hold a "College Student" visa are obligated to subscribe to National Health Insurance.) 
To apply for National Health Insurance, go to your local municipal government offices (Tottori area: Tottori City Hall, Eki Minami Bldg., Insurance and Pensions Section; Yonago area: Yonago City Hall, Insurance Section) and follow the required procedures as instructed. After joining the scheme, you will only be responsible for paying 30% of any medical expenses you incur. (Exceptions apply in some cases.)

Insurance Card
After joining the National Health Insurance scheme you will receive a "National Health Insurance Card" by postal mail. Or you can also pick up the card from the municipal government office.
Whenever you receive treatment at a medical facility, present your card at the reception desk. When you travel within Japan always keep the card with you.
Payment of premiums After joining the insurance scheme you will be sent an invoice to pay the insurance premium around July each year. Pay the premium as instructed by the due date. If you wish you can have payment debited directly from your bank account.
Note) When your period of study in Japan ends and you prepare to return home, take your insurance card to the municipal government office and follow the established procedures to cancel the card.

Insurance Premium
The Insurance premium is based on the previous year's income.  If you do not have any income, it will be reduced.  For the reduction of the Insurance premium, please make a residents tax declaration to Tottori City Office in February.

How and where to apply for a declaration
Send a residents tax declaration to the Municipal Tax Division of Tottori City Office by post or submit it to the Municipal Tax Division at No.3 of Tottori City Office South-side Train Station Office Building.

2-138-4 Tomiyasyu, Municipal Tax Division, Tottori City Office South-side Train Station Office Building


National Pension

All residents of Japan aged 20 or higher are obligated to join the National Pension plan.
After joining the National Pension plan you need to go promptly to your local municipal government offices to carry out the following procedures. The necessary application forms are available at the government offices.

  1. Non-degree students (research students, auditors)
    Apply for a "General Exemption."
    A General Exemption Application needs to be submitted if a person and his spouse earned no income at all in Japan during the previous financial year.
  2. Degree students
    Apply for a "Special Pension Payment Exemption for Students".
    When making this application, you will need to present your student ID or Certificate of Enrollment. After making this application you will be exempt from paying pension insurance premiums.

Note) Exemption applications need to be made every year (around April). When your study period in Japan ends and you prepare to return home, you will need to go to the municipal government offices with your pension booklet to cancel your membership in the National Pension plan.


Insurance and Pensions Section, 1st floor Eki Minami Bldg., Tottori City Hall
E-mail: hoken@city.tottori.lg.jp 

Insurance Office, Insurance and Pensions Section, Yonago City Hall (1st floor) 
Pensions Office, Insurance and Pensions Section, Yonago City Hall (1st floor)