International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Types of Certificates

If you need a particular certificate, please check the information below.
It may take several days to be issued depending on the type of certificate you require. For more details, please ask at the office.

Contact Type of Certificate
International Affairs Division

Certificate of ScholarshipApplication Form

*Certificate is issued two days after the day of application.


Contact Type of Certificate
Koyama Campus:
Education Support Div. (1st floor of the Educational North Bldg)

Yonago Campus:  Academic Division
- Certificate of Enrollment
- Academic Transcript
- Certificate of Prospective    Graduation/Completion
- Certificate of Graduation/Completion
- Certificate of Master's/Doctoral Degree

*If you need academic transcript or certificate of graduation/completion written in English, it takes about 1 week to be issued.


Contact Type of Certificate
Automatic certificate issuing machine
Those are in the Education Support Div. on Koyama Campus and in the Academic Div. on Yonago Campus.
- Student Discount Certificate of JR
  *Only for regular students
- Certificate of Medical Check-up
  *Only for students who have gotten a regular medical check- up in April
  *If you are a non-regular student, you can get the certificate at the Health Science Center.

◆If you need various certificates after graduation, please check the following.
 Issuance of certificates (for graduates) (Tottori University HP): https://www.tottori-u.ac.jp/campuslife/support/sending/

◆In principle, we do not send certificates overseas. Please apply for a proxy in Japan (family member, friend, employer, etc.) as the recipient.
If it is difficult to receive the application in Japan, please contact the following.

 Student Affairs Division (Koyama Campus): syoumei[at]ml.adm.tottori-u.ac.jp TEL:0857-31-5574 FAX:0857-31-6762

 Academic Affairs Division (Yonago Campus): me-gakumusoum[at]ml.adm.tottori-u.ac.jp TEL:0859-38-7096 FAX:0859-38-7109