International exchange in Tottori Uni.

Procedures before Leaving Tottori (preparation for completion / graduation)

International students must go through numerous formalities before leaving Japan. The required procedures are listed below for reference.

If you have any questions, please ask the International Affairs division.

【Change of status of residence】

Please be sure to check the Regarding your status of residence "College Student".

【Procedures at the University】

①Procedure for leaving the International house

Please inform the house manager one month before your scheduled date of leaving.

②Books you have borrowed from the library

You must be sure to return all of the books that you borrowed before returning to your country.

③Cancellation procedure of CO-OP insurance

You can get the membership fee back if you are currently enrolled in University CO-OP Insurance.

Please visit Seikyou office (a two-story prefabricated building behind the 2nd cafeteria) with your student ID card.

【City hall procedure: about two weeks before your scheduled date of return to your country】

①Notification of Moving Out

Please visit the citizen’s section of the city office with your residence card and passport and submit the Moving-out Notification (tenshutsu todake).

※Procedures are necessary to change the address even in Japan.

②Withdrawal from National Health Insurance and National Pension.

You have to go through withdrawal formalities at the city office, or ask an assigned representative to do so on your behalf.

 ※After the procedure in ① is completed, you will be informed to the section in charge of the procedure above.  

【Housing procedures other than International house】

①Termination of residence contract

You have to do the cancellation at the company that contracted the residence.

※If you have subscribed to internet, electricity, or gas provider, please be sure to cancel your service before you leave. Further, please make sure that the final payment has been made.

②Termination of housing guarantee (only if you have bought a house insurance)

You have to do the cancellation at the International Affairs Division.