International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Overseas Safety Education

Tottori University has established the following Overseas safety education requirements for students to ensure their safe study, living, and stay overseas, depending on the type of Overseas Program

Type of Overseas Program

Type of program Necessary overseas safety education

Privately arranged overseas travel

(Travel for private purposes)


students enrolled in after 2024 academic year

 "Introduction to Education", "Introduction to Career" in School of Medicine (mandatory)

(2 classes on Oversea Security Educations)

Other than above

Apply for the courses to the IAD office, and watch required contents. Take a confirmation exam and pass it.*

Educational and/or research activity
(e.g. conference, research, survey, internship, volunteer) 

Program organized by Fuculty of Tottori University, TU-ITP
all students

Watch required contents of "Oversea Safety Management Ⅰ", and pass the confirmation exam.*


Program organized by Tottori University
(e.g.Global Gateway Program)

Exchange program


all students

"Overseas Safety Management Ⅰ" class
(Only Japanese)

Those who cannot take the class, contact the IAD office.*



* Regarding the E-learning

To apply for the course, please fill out the online form.⇒Application form

The course must be taken via E-learning and pass the confirmation exam.

Contact: International Affairs Division 
         kokuko-renkei(a)ml.adm.tottori-u.ac.jp  (a)" should be changed to "@".