International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Outline and aims of the center

   The Center for International Affairs plays a major role in contributing to the internationalization of Tottori University through education for international students on Japanese language, culture, and society. We also support international students for their daily life and provide information about the international activities to the students as well as the faculty members.  Contributing to the local community in cooperation with local government and other organizations through the international exchange activities is also one of our important roles.

  To support the education for international students, we have an intensive Japanese course, which government-sponsored international students recommended by embassies (government-sponsored international research students and international teacher-training students) study for six months before enrolling the university. We also provide supplemental Japanese lessons via comprehensive Japanese course which supports their study of Japanese language from a beginner level. The center’s teachers also offer a number of common courses related to Japanese language, culture and society as well as technical subjects according to their specialties. The supplemental language course has different language classes aiming to enhance the language skills of the students and faculty members. In addition, we plan and organize various events such as study tours, which international students can learn and experience Japanese culture. We also plan and organize various overseas training/education programs for university students.

   To support the international students for their daily life, we organize entrance orientations which provide disaster drills, road safety training programs, etc. We also focus on various guidance and supports by managing immigration and residence status, securing houses, and providing information about the scholarships.

  We are contributing to encourage students to become global citizens who can play an active role globally, as well as the promotion of international academic researches through supporting the international projects conducted by Tottori University. We are also contributing to the promotion of the internationalization of the local community by conducting local projects in cooperation with local government and various organizations and groups related to the international exchange.

Annual overview
  • Orientations for international students (April, October)
  • Gathering event with international students (June, December)
  • Study dispatch and acceptance

     ・Overseas practical education program in Mexico
     ・English training in Canada; English training in Taiwan
     ・Language/culture study in China and Korea
     ・Short-term Japanese language/culture study program

  • International exchange events

     ・Japanese culture study tour
     ・Yukata dressing and Bon Festival dance class
     ・Tottori Shan Shan Festival
     ・Daisen ski training for international students (Project of the Consortium of Universities in San-in area)
     ・Farm experience: planting sweet-potato seedlings
     ・Cooperation with marine-garbage collection/research, a joint project by universities in Japan and Korea

  • Attendance to workshops and seminars related to the international exchange

       ・Seminar for crisis management on overseas dispatch and study
       ・Foreign Students Exchange Research Conference
       ・JAFSA symposium, etc.

  • Regional contributions

     ・University open activities
   ・Regional contribution support activities

  • Planning and operation of the Council for Foreign Students Exchange Promotion