International strategy in Tottori Uni.

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Global Campus Life

let's experience Japanese Culture in Tottori. Do you know that there are about 180 international students at Tottori University? You can get intercultural experience and global sense in Tottori through interaction with international students.


G-frenz is a students group authorized by the Center for International Affairs, Tottori University. They plan international exchange activities, support international students in their studies and lives, and give advice on study abroad to the Japanese students.

The Japanese Class Partnership is an activity in which Japanese students join Japanese Classes for International Students and support communication and discussion in Japanese.

We have launched the "GO-Global Point" system to promote more students to participate in our international event/program.

Your points will be counted through the online application and/or card-reader machine at the venue. When you collect 5 points or more, you are able to exchange your points with special gifts.