International exchange in Tottori Uni.

Student housing support

Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (House Insurance)

In Japan, a guarantor or cosigner is usually required before you can move into the rental property.
This insurance policy makes it easier for international students to secure a guarantor or cosigner by easing the psychological and financial burdens placed on the person acting as your guarantor.
If an international student joins this insurance, Tottori University will become its guarantor.


The Tottori University International Student Housing Security Deposit program (Housing Security Deposit Program)

In the event an international student who has joined the above insurance (House Insurance) causes any damage to the rental property that is not covered with that House Insurance Policy, Tottori University will pay the expenses resulting from those damages.

【Qualified Applicants】

 ◇International students who has “College Student” status and currently enrolled at Tottori University
*International students enrolled at Tottori University United Graduate School of Agriculture and currently studying at Shimane University are not eligible to register in the Housing Security Deposit Program.

◇Prospective students who have been accepted to Tottori University and who will enroll as an international student in the following academic year

Attention) If you would like to continue living in the current apartment after your graduation, you have to change your guarantor. Please take the procedure to change it as soon as possible.

Housing-related insurance

In case you will rent an apartment without joining the above House Insurance, be sure to join “Housing-related Insurance” which is provided by non-life insurance company.
In the event that you are found to be responsible for fire or flooding, thereby damaging your rented residence or neighboring property, you will be liable to pay damage compensation. In such an event, the amount of damages could be very high, making it difficult for any individual to afford payment.
The premiums for such policies depend on the insurance company, home size and construction, but typically they range from 5,000 to 10,000 yen (annual). To choose a suitable insurer, consult your supervisor or staff of IAD.
We also advise you to purchase an earthquake insurance policy, since Japan is prone to earthquakes.

STEP1 - Apply at the International Affairs Division (IAD) 

Submit a copy of your student ID and Resident Card, and receive the package of required documents.

required documents ①Application for Tottori University International Student Housing Security Deposite Program (Form1)
②Pledge (Form 2)
③Apartment Tenancy Guarantee (two sheets)
*Please ask the landlord or real estate agent to sign and seal at the bottom of this document.
④The request to the landlord or real estate agent
*Please hand it to the landlord or real estate agent 

 STEP2 - Submit the application, pledge, a copy of the draft lease contract and the Apartment Tenancy Guarantee to IAD

Receive a copy of the draft lease contract and the two sheets of Apartment Tenancy Guarantee, including agent's seal, from the landlord or real estate agent and submit it to IAD with the application① and pledge②.

submitted documents A copy of the draft lease contract
Apartment Tenancy Guarantee including agent's seal (Above③:two sheets)
Completed Application (Above①)
Complated Pledge (Above②)

The guarantee will be returned to you 3days after we confirm that you pay the insurance premium. Please come to IAD to show the premium receipt after you pay it, ¥8000 for two years or ¥4000 for one year, by ATM machine at a Post Office.
*You cannot pay the premium at ATM machine on campus, so please visit a Post Office which is nearby.

STEP3 - Receive the Apartment Tenancy Guarantee from IAD

Receive the two sheets of Apartment Tenancy Guarantee, including guarantor's seal, and take it to the landlord or real estate agent.

Step4 - Submit the Apartment Tenancy Guarantee, including landlord's seal, to IAD after the signing the contract

Submit a copy of the Apartment Tenancy Guarantee, including landlord's seal, to IAD because we will file it.