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National Health Insurance / National Pension

National Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance scheme is a fundamental part of Japan's medical care system. It is designed to cover a portion of the medical expenses occurred by citizens.

All foreign residents of Japan must join this scheme. All international students who hold a "Student" visa are obligated to subscribe National Health Insurance.

To apply for National Health Insurance, please go to your local municipal government offices (Tottori area: Tottori City Hall, New Main Bldg., Insurance and Pensions Section; Yonago area: Yonago City Hall, Insurance Section) and follow the required procedures as instructed. After joining this scheme, you will only be responsible for paying 30% of any medical expenses you incur (except for health checkup, immunization, cosmetic surgery, normal child delivery, abortion, etc.).

Insurance Card

Upon the completion of the procedure, National Insurance Certificate will be issued (handed over at the counter or sent by post on a later day). Whenever you visit a doctor, make sure to present the certificate at the reception. Also, bring the certificate with you when you travel around Japan.

The insurance certificate has an expiry date. So long as you pay the premium in time, the new certificate will be sent to you by post (simple registered mail) around July every year.

NOTE: If you are returning home at the end of your study in Japan, please bring the insurance certificate to the city hall to cancel it.

Payment of premiums After joining the insurance scheme you will be sent an invoice to pay the insurance premium around July each year. Pay the premium as instructed by the due date. If you wish you can have payment debited directly from your bank account.

NOTEWhen your period of study in Japan ends and you prepare to return home, take your insurance card to the municipal government office and follow the established procedures to cancel the card.

Payment of Insurance Premium
  • Payment Notice

Within 1 – 2 months after the issuance of the certificate, the Payment Notice of the insurance premium will be delivered to you. The amount to be charged with the notice covers the premiums from the month of issuance (receipt of certificate) to March (the final month of the fiscal year).

  • How to pay

The notice comes with two types of payment forms, and you can choose one of them. Please make sure to pay the amount before the due date designated in the form. You can also choose automatic deduction from the bank account.
1) “Entire Period”: the form charges the entire amount in a single payment.
2) “1st – 10th Installments”: the form charges the amount in several installments.

* If you are returning home in less than a year, please pay only for the period of your stay in Japan.
* If you pay more than you are charged, the amount in excess will be refunded to you upon the cancellation. If your payment is overdue, on the other hand, you will receive demand notices from Tottori City. Please make sure that the payment is done in time.

Amount of Premium

The amount of insurance premium is determined based on the income of the previous year. If your income of the previous year is 0 yen, your premium will be discounted accordingly.

NOTE: Around February every year, some people may receive “Simple Notification Form of Income for National Health Insurance”. If you receive this form, please make sure to complete and submit it (or send by post), as your income status is determined by the form.

Application form is Here

71 Saiwai-cho, Municipal Tax Division, Tottori City Office New Main Building

National Pension

All residents of Japan aged 20 or higher are obliged to join the National Pension plan, however, there is a system where low-income students can postpone (defer) or exempt the payment of pension premiums. So please be sure to follow the procedures below for the postponement/exemption application. 

  1. Non-degree students (research students, auditors)
    Apply for a "General Exemption." at the municipal government offices
    A General Exemption Application needs to be submitted if a person and his spouse earned no income at all in Japan during the previous financial year. 
    ※New students have also applied for exemptions at the arrival procedures.

  2. Full-degree students
    Apply for a "Special Pension Payment Exemption for Students". at International Affairs Division of Tottori University.
    When you receive the National Pension Handbook or the insurance payment notice, please bring it to the International Affairs Division. After making this application you will be exempt from paying pension insurance premiums.
How to update the postponement/exemption

 The exemption period is only one year. Documents for the update shall be sent from the National Pension office around April every year. Students who need to update the period must be sure to follow the procedures below.

  1. Those who received the postcard for reply: Please reply (send by post box) after filling out the requirements such as address or name on postcard (No stamps required).
  2. Those who received the payment form: Please bring the payment form to IAD office and apply for exemption.

  When your study period in Japan ends and you prepare to return home, you must go to the municipal government office with your pension booklet to cancel your membership for the National Pension plan.


Insurance and Pensions Section, 1st floor New Main Bldg., Tottori City Hall
E-mail: hoken@city.tottori.lg.jp 

Insurance Office, Insurance and Pensions Section, Yonago City Hall (1st floor) 
Pensions Office, Insurance and Pensions Section, Yonago City Hall (1st floor)