International strategy in Tottori Uni.


Health Science Center

Tottori University Health Science Center is dedicated to support the health management of students by providing treatment for unexpected illnesses and injuries. They also help students to keep their minds and bodies in good condition.

As well as full-time academic staff member (psychiatrist), center also offers consultations with school doctors (physicians and psychiatrists) and counselors (clinical psychologists). Furthermore, there are resident public health nurses and nurses, and equipped with all the resources to provide emergency medical treatment and counseling.


Business Hours more details
Tottori campus : Monday to Friday  8:30 - 17:00
Yonago campus: Monday to Friday  9:00 - 17:00
They will close through the New Year holiday period, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Information of other medical institution is here

Medical examinations

1) Regular medical examinations
    To make students aware of the state of their health, all students are offered to take a medical  
    examination every April. Please make sure to take these medical examinations.

    Times and information regarding the medical examinations are posted on a notice boards of the
    Health Science Center and at each faculty, as well as on the website of the Center for International

    *Medical examinations for international students*
    Since a large number of international students begin their studies in October, medical examination for    
    international students will be held in October.
    If you enroll in April, please get the medical check up in April.
    If you enroll in October, please get the medical check up in October.

2) Ad hoc medical examinations
    Detailed medical examinations are provided as necessary. For example, before the university club  
    sport events and training camps, in order to minimize the risk of accidents and illnesses due to
    prevailing health issues.
    Note: You cannot receive the ad hoc examinations unless you receive regular medical examinations. 

3) Issuance of health certificates
    Health Science Center issues certificates of health if necessary for purposes such as employment,
    admission to further education, scholarship applications, and participation in athletic events.
    Note: Health certificates can only be issued to students who have received regular medical  

Health consultations and counseling

Health Science Center provides physical and mental health consultations, as well as health counseling relating to career planning, studies, and personal problems.

If you feel any abnormality or concerns regarding your physical condition, if you suffer from a chronic illness, or any mental affliction such as insomnia or mental confusion, or injury while playing sports, please feel free to visit the Health Science Center for the consultation.

Emergency treatment
If you are suffering from injury or illness on campus, do not hesitate to visit the Health Science Center immediately. The center is equipped with emergency medical supplies and doctors and nurses are available to administer primary emergency care.

Guide for Amburance Service

Mental and physical refreshment

To help you unwind and relax, and to maintain and improve your mental and physical well-being, center has variety of health-related literatures, video tapes, laser discs, CDs, and massage equipment. Feel free to take advantage of these resources.