International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Overseas Travel for Students

Information on this page is meant for international students (postgraduate students included) ONLY and shall not be a reference for Japanese citizens. Japanese students shall refer to a separate page written in Japanese. 

Conditions for Overseas Travel

Irrespective of destination and purpose of travel, all international students of Tottori University who travel outside Japan shall fill up the Notification of Overseas Travel online.

【International students traveling to a third country outside Japan】

International students (undergraduate and postgraduate students included) who travel to a third country, meaning a country other than their home country and Japan, for exchange programs, visits, conferences, and research purposes must adhere to ALL requirements below prior to their departure. 

1. To complete either one of the following courses.  (Overseas Safety Education

  • “Overseas Safety Management” (especially for students who participate in exchange programs organized through/by Tottori University) 
  • "Overseas Safety Seminar" (for students who travel overseas for research, seminar and conference purposes)

2. Submit the "Notification of Overseas Travel" to the Academic Affairs Section (Kyoumu kakari) at your faculty or graduate school.

3. Purchase Study Abroad Insurance. 


【International students traveling to their home country for temporal visits】

International students (undergraduate and postgraduate students included) who return to their home country for short-term visits, MUST submit a Notification of Overseas Travel online before traveling.


Notification of Overseas Travel

All students traveling abroad must submit this form before their trip.

  1. Login to the Academic Affairs System (At the moment, the form is only available in Japanese. Please seek assistance if you have language needs.)
  2.  「海外渡航」(Airplane icon)→「海外渡航情報登録」fill in your information
  3. Print out the form, sign and get your supervisor's consent.
    *Private travel does not require supervisor's consent 
    *International student does not require parental consent
  4. Submit it to the Academic Affairs Section(Kyoumu kakari) at your faculty or graduate school.


Study Abroad Insurance

All students who go abroad are required to apply for the Study Abroad Insurance prior to their departure.

Tottori University has adopted the Study Abroad Insurance Coupled with Personal Accident Insurance for Pursuing Education and Research (GAKKENSAI) : “Futai kaigaku”. This Futai Kaigaku is a comprehensive Study Abroad Insurance for the students who go abroad for the purpose of international education or research, and has the advantage of the discounted insurance premium. (Brochure)

【Applicant’s requirement】
・Must be a member of the GAKKENSAI
・Students who go abroad for the purpose of Educational Program or their research.
  (Applications are not accepted for personal travel such as trips, etc.)



Please apply via the online form⇒Study Abroad Insurance Application


【Flow after application】

Procedure①(Step to join)  for credit card payment and application at least 3 weeks prior to the departure date.
  ・Even if you request Procedure ①, it may be changed to Procedure ② if there are any deficiencies during the process.
  ・You may use your own and your parent's credit cards.

Procedure②(Step to join)  for those who do not have a credit card and whose departure date is less than 3 weeks away.
  ・Please apply at least 3 weeks in advance as much as possible.
  ・If you have less than a week until the departure, please call IAD immediately.              
    *The following things may apply if you apply late.                                                         
       Your application may be rejected.                                                                  
       You may have to visit the insurance company yourself.   


【Contact】International Affairs Division
Tel: 0857-31-5052
E-mail: kokuko-renkei(a)ml.adm.tottori-u.ac.jp  (a)" should be changed to "@".


Tottori University Oversea Security Measures

1. Obtain the information on your destination country/region from the following link to ensure appropriate security considerations and awareness.
  ・Ministry Foreign Affairs (http://www.anzen.mofa.go.jp)
  ・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (http://www.forth.go.jp/)
 *You are not allowed to travel to areas with risk level of 2 or more.

2. Take necessary vaccinations prior to departure.

3. Observe all rules and regulations of your destination country/region and behave in a responsible manner for your own safety.