International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Privately-Financed International Studnets

・For privately-financed international studnets, Tottori University accepts "The Scholarship Application Forms" twice a year, in March for the first semester, and in September for the second semester of the Academic Year.
・Tottori University will decide on Scholarship Application Forms submitted by privately-financed students using a recommendation ranking-based system. Then, when scholarship foundations ask Tottori University to recommend certain international students as potential scholarship recipients during the semester of the academic year, University will recommend students from the upper part of the ranking list to those scholarship foundations after confirming students' need for financial support.
・Basically, you will be unable to receive any scholarships if you do not submit the application form.
・For privately-financed students who would like to apply for scholarships, please submit "The Scholarship Application Form" during the application period. The application period is posted on the IAD website.

*The same applies to Students in Yonago campus, Shimane University or Yamaguchi University.


Various scholarship recommended by Tottori University

Scholarships for privately-financed International students vary in terms of application period, qualification and conditions, and the amount of allowance, depending on the foundation offering the scholarship.

Note) Submitting "The Scholarship Application Form" to Tottori University does NOT guarantee you will be able to receive a scholarship. Think about what will happen if your application is rejected.

Select and recommend from the recommendation ranking (For the past 5 years) (As of January 2024)

Recruit and recommend on HP (For the past 5 years) (As of January 2024)

Scholarships for Individual Applicants

There are some scholarships that International Students can apply individually. Information about such scholarships please visit the websites of the various organizations and apply on your own.
If you are accepted by such scholarship individually, be sure to report the acceptance to the International Affairs Division.
See also the website of the Japan Student Services Organization.

List of scholarships for individual applicants (As of January 2024)