International exchange in Tottori Uni.

Beijing, China

Agricultural Sciences Academy of China, Overseas Office Introduction

Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, CAAS

People's Republic of China
Address: No.12-10081 Zhongguancun St, Haidian Dist, Beijing, China
Resident office staff: Zhao Xie Chun


This is one of the national research institutes of Agricultural Sciences which belongs directly to the Chinese agricultural section. It has a master and doctor degree system. It has 8 research areas. It is an important laboratory under joint use of Minister of Agriculture. It has been established as Japanese-Chinese joint test laboratory. Taking advantage of material circulation functions in agriculture, its purpose is to develop a new rural and sustainable agriculture, so they have been done extensive researches in each field related to the agriculture, from basics, up to the practical use. They are establishing a research network with local academies of agricultural sciences across the country.

  • The number of students: about 100 students Teaching staff: about 110 teachers
  • Agreement date: December the 8th, 2006
  • International office establishment: April 2009

In July 23, 2009, in China, at the Beijing office opening ceremony was also held the Alumni for Chinese students ceremony, and this university became the fifth international office established in Beijing, the capital of China. Its purpose is to promote international exchange activities in China. It is used as the Alumni Association office for Chinese students.

In the office are made activities under the resident staff. The office resident staff provides information about joint research information, China travel, Flight change procedure aids and faculty staff members. Please contact Zhao Xie Chun (+86-010-82105992) or the following for the first international exchange course:

Office function

  1. Activities for foreign students receiving
    • Tottori University alumni data collection, management affairs
    • Provision of information about Tottori University alumni
    • Provision of information for persons interested in studying abroad
    • Other activities for foreign students receiving
  2. Collaborative research promotion
    • A collection of research information in China
    • Support for contact between researchers in China and Tottori University staff
  3. Others:
    • Acceptance assistance for dispatched Tottori university staff

About the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences office
About the office



Abount the dining room


About the accommodation in Beijing Office (You make the accommodation using the special price contract with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)

The postgraduate reception center of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Tel: +86-10-62126588 82109247
FAX: +86-10-82109684
A hotel is attached to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It has a shop, restaurant and cafeteria (breakfast). It has single, twin or triple rooms. It also has internet connection (LAN).

Hotel charges: 298 Yuan/day (single)

環発研宿舎1 環発研宿舎2


Office for International Strategy
International Affairs Division
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