International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Urumchi, China

Xin-jiang Agricultural University, Overseas Office Introduction 

Address:No.42 Nangchang Road, Urumqi, Xlnjiang 830052, China
TEL: +86-991-8763881
FAX: +86-991-8763881
URL: http://www.xjau.edu.cn/

Xin-jiang Agricultural University is located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the northwest of China, known as the hottest, coldest, driest and windiest part of China. This region is blessed with rich mineral resources as well as a long history of oasis farming and cattle-breeding. Xin-jiang Agricultural University offers a rich diversity of study areas and is one of China's key institutes of higher education. Besides engaging in national projects, the university is very active in research areas and has achieved one of the best track records in China, particularly in dry land studies.

Tottori University has signed an academic exchange agreement with Xin-jiang Agricultural University since February 2005. In December 2006, we established a foreign studies office there.