International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Regarding your status of residence "Student"

You are required to change your status of residence upon your graduation, completion of study, or withdrawal, except in the case that you will enter other educational institution in Japan immediately after leaving Tottori University. (procedure A and B)

Please submit only B, if you will continue studying in Tottori University as a student.


A You need to submit “Notification of the Accepting Organization” on Immigration Bureau’s website. Please submit it within 14 days before the date you leave from Tottori University (date of return to your country). After returning home, you cannot access to the website. 
※If you do not submit it, a penalty may be imposed. 

The input procedure is here. (Please input procedure carefully prior to completing the application form.)



If you cannot submit on Immigration Bureau’s website, please download " this document", fill out​​​​​​ the requirements and send it with photocopy of your residence card to the Immigration office by yourself.

Please find the Immigration office address below. You may print out and paste it on the envelop, then mail it by post.

       〒160-0004 東京都新宿区四谷1-6-1 四谷タワー14階 

         東京出入国在留管理局四谷分庁舎 在留管理情報部門届出担当


When you graduate, complete your study, or quit Tottori University, please submit  "Regarding Status of Residence and your plan after Graduation, Completion, or Withdrawal" as below website to the International Affairs Division (IAD) of Tottori University by the day of your graduation, completion of study, or quitting the university.

URL:  https://www.ciatu.tottori-u.ac.jp/online-application/status-of-residence2