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Common Subjects for all faculties "Japanese Language - Japanese Culture & Society"

Targets and Objectives

This course of study is designed for regular undergraduate students, Japanese Studieds Program students, and Special Auditing students. Students who take these subjects can earn credits. The three "Japanese"classes in this course aim at enhancing academic Japaense skills of students so that the students can carry out their studies smoothly. The "Japanese Culture" and "Japanese Society" classes are given by instructors from various specialty fields so that students will understand the culture and society of Japan from different perspectives. 

Ti​metable  *This may change from semester to semester.











Japanese Society

    Japanese for Undergraduate International Students  


Japanese in Practice


Japanese Expressions




    Japanese Culture    

Lesson Contents/Teaching Materials

Please refer to the ‘Common Subjects- Course Guide’ or the Web-published syllabus on the ‘Academic Affairs System’ website.



Undergraduate international students should create a course plan that fulfills the graduation requirements of their faculties and carry out the course procedures at the respective faculties.

There is 1 credit for each Japanese Language subject taken and 2 credits for each Japanese Culture and Society subject. 
Undergraduate international students are able to change up to eight liberal arts credits with those from ‘Japanese Culture and Society’ subjects and up to six foreign language credits with those from ‘Japanese Language’ subjects, but no more than twelve credits in total. (Please refer to p.65 of the ‘Common Subjects- Course Guide’.)

Japanese Studies Program students and special auditing students also should carry out the course procedures at the respective faculties.
In addition, ‘Japanese for Regular Undergraduate Students I’ will be held only for regular undergraduate students (except research students and auditing students).