International strategy in Tottori Uni.

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  1. 2015.2.5

    2015 Docomo Scholarship for International Students

  2. 2015.2.6

    We will set up temporary dump-site for bulk trash on March 19.

    This is only for students who will graduate from Tottori University this March.
    If you would like to throw away your bulk trash at the dump-site, please apply at the student life support division located next to IAD. 
  3. 2015.2.10

    Insurance premium for the students who don't have any income

  4. 2015.2.27

    The leaflet of the Kyoto study tour

    We start distributing a leaflet of the Kyoto study tour at IAD, so please come to IAD by March 4. Please confirm the meeting time on the first day in the leaflet.
Displaying all 4 News