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  1. 2017-05-23 Money Signed Confirmation of Enrollment to receive your June Allowance
    Fri. June 2, Mon. June 5, Tue. June 6
  2. 2017-05-23 Koryu Let's dance with the umbrellas at Shanshan festival!!
  3. 2017-05-19 Money Sato International Scholarship Foundation Recruitment
  4. 2017-05-09 NOTIFICATION OF T-SPOT
    The first-year students and the students who didn't get T-spot test in autumn last year must get it
  5. 2017-05-02 Koryu Why don't you plant rice sent to orphan homes in Africa?(Application is closed!!)

    Meeting Place: In front of Administration Office                                                                          (It is on the right side after entering the main gate)

    Meeting time: 8:00A.M.

    Departure time: 8:15A.M.                                                                                                     (To be on time!! We can not wait for someone late this time)

  6. 2017-05-02 Residence Prefectual and City housing
  7. 2017-04-28 Money CWAJ Graduate Scholarship for Non-Japanese Women to Study in Japan
  8. 2017-04-26 Immigration Schedule of Immigration Service in May 2017
    Thursday,May 11 and  Friday, May 12
  9. 2017-04-26 Koryu Invitation to " SUN-IN MIRAI Walking Festival"(Application is closed)

    Meeting time and place is changed

    Meeting time: 8:10A.M.

    Meeting place: The station of TOTTORI DAIGAKU MAE

  10. 2017-04-26 Koryu Would you like to join English Communication Course Day Camp?
Displaying News 41 - 50 of 710 in total