International strategy in Tottori Uni.

[Urgent request] Prevention of the spread of COVID-19

for international students
公開日: 2022-01-29

The outbreak of the highly infectious Omicron variant has led to a drastic increase in the number of infected people nationwide, and the number of new cases in Tottori Prefecture are at record levels every day.

New infections are also being reported at our university every day. In order to prevent the spread of the infection, we require you to take more measures than ever before.


Please pay attention to the following note as countermeasures of infection.


(1) Avoid going out unless it is urgent or necessary

(2) Having dinner/meals in group (small to large) is prohibited.

(3) Classes (including research and regular exams) must be conducted online for the time being.

(4) Refrain from extracurricular activities for a while.

(5) Do not organize any events which attract multiple people.

(6) Do not participate in events and extracurricular activities organized by other organizations.

Once again, we ask for your cooperation and understanding in implementing thorough the measures to prevent infection, and act with a strong awareness of protecting yourself and your family.

Any changes to this request will be announced.