International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Orientation for new international students was held

公開日: 2020-11-04
Center for International Affairs, Tottori University held the orientation for new international students on October 7 and November 3.

The orientation for new international students is usually held in April and October, but due to the the COVID-19, it was not possible to hold it in April this year. In October, the Japanese Government lifted the restriction to entry Japan for the holders of residence status of "Student". Therefore 11 government-sponsored international students and 3 JICA-affiliated students entered Japan, and 5 students who had traveled within the country also joined the orientation.
The first orientation was held online during the 15-nights quarantine period after the students arrived in Japan. At this online orientation, Professor Yasunobu, Director of the Center for International Affairs gave a welcome speech, and then the professors of Center for International Affairs and staff of the International Affairs Division introduced by themselves. There was also a guidance on life on Campus and in Tottori.
On the second day, students of JICA projects who had arrived late joined and a fire drill was conducted at the International House where the students stayed, in order to prepare for a possible fire. There was also a briefing on how to use the evacuation equipment using the balcony ladder, and then climbed down to the ground from the hatch using the ladder. 
After the demonstration, the students moved to the International Plaza for a lecture by the Tottori Police on the Japanese lifestyle and crimes that foreign students may get involved in. After that, JETRO Tottori, the Tottori Prefecture, and the Northeast Asian Economic Exchange Center Tottori provided a guidance on internships for international students and how to obtain job hunting information through the web portal. The international students took notes and attended the orientation seriously.