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A certificate award ceremony of the Gogakukyoka course was held.

公開日: 2016-08-18

Successful participants of this semester’s Gogakukyoka course received completion certificates from Prof. Ando, Vice Director of the Center for International Affairs, on Monday, 1st August 2016.

The Gogakukyoka course is a language skill development course offered every semester at the Center for International Affairs with the objective of improving their practical language skills before and after studying abroad. This semester, three English classes (advanced level, intermediate level and beginner level) and two Spanish classes (intermediate level and elementary level) were offered twice a week from 16th May to 29th July. Most of the classes were taught by native language instructors and students were evaluated based on their attendance, class activity and performance on mid-term and final exams. 26 students who got passing marks were awarded certificates.

After awarding the certificates, Prof. Ando pointed out that with the progress of globalization and computerization of our society, job opportunity will decrease by half and improving one’s skills, such as language proficiency, becomes and more and more important. And Prof. Ando praised the awardees for understanding this situation and making time out of their busy schedules to participate in the supplemental course and successfully complete it. Instructors of the three English classes also attended the certificate award ceremony and each of them offered their congratulations to the awardees and described their students as “very earnest and industrious”.

Majority of the students who received completion certificates are taking part in one the 2016 Global Gateway programs of the university this summer, including the Overseas Practical Education Program in Mexico.

Certificate award ceremony