International exchange in Tottori Uni.

Career Support

Career support seminar

● Seminars at Tottori University

Date Title Student type
2018/10/4 "My-Navi"'s career guidance New coming
international students
2018/10/28 外国人留学生のためのマイナビ就職ガイダンスJob hunting course for international stundents

International students

2018/12/22 Joint information session for companies in Tottori

International students


● Seminars at outside of university

Date Title
2018/7/3 "My-navi" job hunting seminar for international students (in Tokyo)

 Recruitment for the staff of Tottori Prefecture international exchange (For Taiwanese students)
(Please visit Internation affairs division for more information)

2017/2/28 Career event for international students (in Tokyo and Osaka)

Career support for international students

Useful career support website for international students whoever want to work in Japan.

Career Center in Tottori University

Please visit the center for any job hunting related consultation including proofread of your entry sheet, practice for the interviews, and the information about internships.

If you are a student at Tottori university, you are able to use this center in any grade. Please feel free to visit the center if you are considering to work in Japan.

Open hours: 11:00 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri)

Place: 1st floor at Common B bldg.

Others: 40 min of consultation session (principal). Please visit the center and make reservation.

Reference website

JASSO Job Hunting Guide(multi-lingual)

Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare: Employment policy for foreign workers

Tokyo Employment service center for foreigners

Nagoya Employment service center for foreigners

Osaka Employment service center for foreigners

JABOON Find jobs and works in Japan

International foreign students association

Lands Navi

Student vocational consultation

Link of Asia (For engineers)