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The Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship Foundation Recruitment for the Applicant for 2024

for international students
公開日: 2024-03-12

To Privately-financed International Students

Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship Foundation notificed us about the scholarship applicants.

This scholarship is available to international students studying in field closely related to human health and business administration.
For more detail, please confirm the website of the foundation.

The Foundation Website:http://www.otsukafoundation.org/english/index.html
For Application Website:https://otsuka.yoshida-p.net/index_en.html

【Qualified Applicants】
(1)Applicants must be self-supporting international students residing in Japan with "college student" status and must be 38 years old or younger as of April 1, 2024.
(2)Applicants must be pursuing studies in a field directly relating to human health or business administration. 
 ※If you are not sure whether your field of research meets the eligibility requirements, please consult with your supervisor and ask the IAD.
(3)Applicants must be highly motivated, possess an outstanding academic record, and demonstrate personal integrity.
(4)Applicants must be involved in creative or innovative research.
(5)Applicants must be able to have their supervising professor or other provide appropriate guidance and pre-checking of the documents they submit to the Foundation (including application documents).
(6)Applicants are not permitted to leave Japan for 40 or more days in total during the period covered by the scholarship.
(7)Applicants must have an international perspective and demonstrate the ability to lead and serve as a bridge between Japan and other countries.
(8)Applicants must demonstrate a need for financial aid.
(9)Applicants must give full support and cooperations to events held by the Foundation and must contribute to building network between scholarship recipients.
(10)Applicants must be motivated to study the Japanese language.
(11)Applicants must be committed to contributing to society through their research.
(12)Applicants must meet the requirements specified in (1) to (11) above and other requirements stipulated by the Foundation.

【Amount of scholarship】
 Annual sum of ¥2.0 million, ¥1.5 million or ¥1.0 million. (The amount will be determind by the Selection Committee.)
 Annual sum of ¥500,000 for applicants receiving wscholarships or benefits from other sources.

【Period covered by scholarship】
One year:From April 2024 to March 2025 ※Continuation applications are also available.

【Application period】
Online submissions:Thursday, March 7, 2024, 9:00 a.m.-Thursday, April 22, 2024, 5:00 p.m.
Submissions by mail:Monday, April 1, 2024-Thursay, April 25, 2024, 3:00 p.m. (Must arrival at the office on time.)

※The submission period for those eligible for continued application is shorter than for new applicants.
Please check the Foundation's website.

※If you will apply for this scholarship, you must consult with your supervisor and please submit the required documents to the foundation by yourself.
Also, please inform the International Affairs Division before you apply.