International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Precautions during Spring Breaks

公開日: 2024-02-14

There may be students who are planning domestic/international trip during Spring breaks.

Please note the below-mentioned matters during Spring breaks.


 ・Traffic Accidents

  Please follow the traffic rules and pay attention to other vehicles and pedestrians

  when you drive a car or vehicles including a bicycle.


  Drunken driving is a CRIME.

  Do NOT drive a car when you drink alcohol.

  It is also prohibited to ride a bicycle when you drink alcohol.



  Please note to take infection control measures regarding a cold, flu and 

  COVID-19 and other diseases. Please also take good care of yourself for your health.


 ・Accidents in your daily life

  When you leave your apartment/room, please take safety measures for such as

  locking doors/windows, being careful of the fire, and water leakage.


 ・Notification of Overseas Travel

  For those who will travel abroad during Spring breaks for private trips, studying

  abroad, and academic researches, please submit a Notification of Overseas Travel

  online and submit a printed hard copy to the educational affairs section of

  the faculty/graduate school you belong to.


 ・Precautions for International Trip

  You must not bring any meat products, vegetables, or fruits into Japan from 

  outside of Japan.

  Please confirm the website below and follow the rules when you travel abroad.


<FAQ for Animal quarantine in Japanese>



<Website for Animal quarantine>



<Regarding souvenirs of meat products>



<Website for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries>



<Video regarding African Swine Fever>