International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Tottori Prefectural International Exchange Foundation Scholarship (International students from part of Korea, China,Mongolia, Russia, The United States of America or Jamaica)for Second semester

for international students
公開日: 2022-09-15

To Privately-financed Students:

Privately-financed students who would like to apply for the Tottori Prefectural International Exchange Foundation (Zaidan) Scholarship are required to come to the International Affairs Division to receive the application forms.



[Applicant’s Qualification]


Privately-financed Students who attend a university or a college in Tottori Prefecture and meet all the requirements stated below.


International students from Gangwon-do Korea, Jilin China, Coastal region

of Russia, Tov Mongolia, Habei China, Khabarovsk Russia, State of Vermont U.S. or Westmoreland Jamaica or who are a student

of the University which is located in Gangwon-do Korea, Jilin China, Coastal region

of Russia, Tov Mongolia, Habei China Khabarovsk Russia State of Vermont U.S. or Westmoreland Jamaica.
Students who have been enrolled in universities or colleges in Tottori

Students who are not receiving any other scholarship

Students who will register as International Exchange Activity Volunteer” with Zaidan, and participate or volunteer in the events held by Zaidan

Students whose family members do not earn equal to or more than the amount of Japanese government scholarship

Students who have not received this scholarship over two times in the past


[Monthly Allowance]

   20,000 yen



[Scholarship Period]

  Minimum 3months, Maximum 6months

                  (October 2022 – March 2023)

 *It depends on the students’ enrollment period.


[Application Deadline]

 October 3rd (Mon.) 1 p.m.  (Strict adherence)



*Research students and exchange students also are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

*The application form should be filled in Japanese.


Tottori University will recommend every student who would like to apply for this scholarship

and meet all requirements above to Zaidan. However, it does not mean that all applicants

will be selected. The recipients for this scholarship will be decided by Zaidan.