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On-Campus COVID-19 Vaccination(in Tottori Campus)

公開日: 2021-06-30

We would like to announce you that all students are now able to get vaccinated on campus. If you would like to get vaccinated on campus, please read the important notice below, as well as the “Instructions on COVID-19 Vaccination”, then submit the appointment form through the link below by 12:00pm on July 5.

Important Notice

  • Instructions on COVID-19 Vaccination (English) (Chinese) (Arabic) (Indonesian)
  • Administered vaccine:Moderna
  • Place:Public Relations Center(広報センター)
  • Cost:No cost
  • Date(For international students and their family)


1st dose

2nd dose

Group 1

Thursday, July 22


Thursday, August 19


Group 2

Monday, July 26


Monday, August 23


Group 3

Friday, July 30


Friday, August 27


   Maximum 40 people per group. First-come-first-served basis.

  • It takes about an hour. Please make sure to arrive on time.
  • A "Vaccination Ticket" delivered from the Tottori city office is required for the vaccination (if you will not receive the ticket on the day of your vaccination, please submit the ticket to the IAD later as soon as you receive it).
  • This is two-dose COVID-19 vaccine. You must receive two shots in the same group to be fully vaccinated (for instance, after receiving the 1st-dose in Group 1, you cannot receive the 2nd-dose in Group 2).
  • Your family members can also be vaccinated (18 years of age or older). If you wish to have your family members vaccinated, please fill out the same appointment form.
  • All vaccination appointments for international students will be handled by the IAD.
  • Vaccination is not compulsory. There is no disadvantage for students not taking the vaccine.
  • Necessary items for the day will be announced later.
Vaccination Ticket (Sample)

Appointment form


Deadline : Monday, July 15 at 13:00pm