International strategy in Tottori Uni.

2021 Tobe Maki Scholarship Foundation

for international students
公開日: 2021-03-09

To Privately-financed Students:

2021 Tobe Maki Scholarship Foundation


Tobe Maki Scholarship Foundation Recruitment for the Academic Year of 2021.
The outline of this scholarship as follow.

If you will apply for this scholarship, you must consult your supervisor and please submit the required documents to the foundation by yourself. Also, please inform the International Affairs Division before you apply.

You can check the Application Guideline on the website.
When you download this application form and recommendation letter, you need to register your information.
URL:奨学金を希望する皆様へ|公益財団法人 戸部眞紀財団 (tobe-maki.or.jp)(Japanese only)

*You must fill out the application forms in Japanese. All communication after adoption is in Japanese.

【Qualified Applicants】

◎ Students who will be enrolled in the University as a 3rd-year or 4th-year undergraduate or as a graduate student

◎ Students whose age are under 30 as of April 1 2021

◎ Students whose major should be related to "Chemistry","Food science", "Art/Design", "Physical education/Sports Science" or "Business administration".                                             

◎ Students who are highly motivated, academically talented, and well-behaved

◎ Students who can't afford to pay for their education themselves

【Scholarship】50,000 yen per month (If you receive another scholarship, 25,000 yen per month)

【Scholarship Period】One year from April 2021(After the end of the period, it may be allowed to continue to the limit of one year.)  

【Number of Scholarship Recipients】  

Number of Scholarship Recipients: 5 students in Japan