International strategy in Tottori Uni.

ABE Initiative program

African Business Education Initiative for Youth. This program offers opportunities for young and eligible African men and women to study at Master's courses in Japanese universities as international students and to experience internships at Japanese enterprises in order to develop effective skills and knowledge in various fields for contributing the development of industries in Africa.  
Welcome to the portal website of ABE initiative: http://education-japan.org/africa/ ←also you can refer ABE program details at Tottori University here. 
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Graduate School of Sustainability Science, Department of Engineering 

Graduate School of Sustainability Science, Department of Agricultural Science

Graduate School of Sustainability Science, Department of Dryland Science

Voice of International Students, Tottori University

Dayyabu, Muhammad Zaharaddeen (Nigeria)       

Master student at Graduate School of Agriculture, Laboratory of Water Use and Management,  Tottori University, Japan  

I was enrolled in Tottori University in October 2015 as Abe initiative Master student. I love Tottori University because of its reputability in research aspects concerning agriculture, especially in Arid and semi-arid region.  It has first class well trained and experienced Professors that are ready to share their important knowledge. Due to its well-known research capabilities, it trains people on appropriate management of land and water resources for sustainable agriculture in arid and semi-arid region for participant from many developing countries every year.

I am happy to have this great opportunity of studying at Tottori University. Which equipped me with strong academic foundation, with solid research abilities enhanced through practical research with an advanced technical education, under supervision of Prof. Katsuyuki Shimizu and Dr. Yumi Yoshioka in laboratory of water use and management.

I specialized in on-farm water management, which I did my research on comparative study of land and water improvement project and management system between Japan and Nigeria. I got awards of excellent poster presentation at the 8th international conference on environmental and rural development (ICERD) in Thailand. This is because of the high research skills and knowledge I acquired from Tottori University, Japan.

Also, living in Tottori city is a wonderful experience. Tottori city is the most sparsely populated part of Japan, making it a good choice for anyone wanting to get away from the bustle of cities like Tokyo. It is also home to one of Japan’s most bizarre features, the Tottori sand dunes, which is few kilometers from the university. The dunes, which are completely unique in Japan, look like something from the Sahara Desert. With imported Camels, which roam around, and add to the fantastic feeling that one has stepped through a portal into the Middle East. It also has a Sand Museum, where different kind of arts work with sand and water only can be seen. Living in Tottori city also is very cheap.

Finally, I would like to inspire everyone that’s need to acquire advance technical, practical analytic and problem solving skills through research to come to Tottori University, Japan. 

Zachariah Kinyua Magondu(Kenya)
Master student at Graduate School of Engineering,
Tottori University, Japan

I believe that Tottori University is one of the best choices for an international student who would want to study in Japan. Having enrolled for a Master course in the Mechanical

Engineering in the graduate school of engineering and my personal experience as an international student, the guidance and treatment afforded to me during admission made me feel welcomed and wanted to be part of the community. Here are some reasons why international students should aspire to study in Tottori University.

For career prospects in the future for international student who consider returning to their countries or working in Japan the quality of education in this University commands significant influence. Each department at Tottori University is strong and boasts a world–class faculty. The university and its vicinity are beautiful and the weather is very diverse all year round and as long as you are armed with a sturdy winter coat, snow boots and an umbrella you will be good for the rest of the year. Culture is a really important aspect to the overall university experience and here you will be able to learn more about culture diversity. My experience at Tottori University for period remains an integral part of my journey towards academic excellence. You can also experience the same as you pursue your studies.

Omer Badi Mohammed Badi (Sudan)
Master student at Graduate School of Agriculture,
Tottori University, Japan

I really feel I am lucky enough to be a part of ABE initiative. This program allowed me to gain a master degree in one of beautiful and wonder Japanese universities as well as to do summer internship in great Japanese company. This program made me know better and deeper the Japanese people through interaction with them everywhere. They were always kind, well-organized, helpful and respectful people. In Japan I learned so many things such as punctuality arrangement.

I started my study of master’s in agriculture at Tottori University in 2015. This university is well-equipped with facilities and professional staff. Joyfulness starts since welcome party of enrollment and continues up to graduation ceremony. We enjoyed fruitful classes and easily did our experiments by using highly equipped laboratories. Throughout the study life we enjoyed “Nihongo” and many events and festivals at the main campus or around the city. In addition to community activities such as planting and harvesting rice in Chizu to send to the orphans in Africa, participating in public activities, visiting and interacting with neighboring schools. Studying at a Japanese university is a good opportunity to create friendship and good relations with both Japanese and international students. Now we are approaching for graduation and really it seems time is flying.

I would like here to avail this opportunity to express my deeply thanks and gratitude for Japan and Japanese people for their kindness and hospitality. My thanks and gratitude is extended to my sponsor “JICA” for offering this chance to me to be a part of ABE initiative.

If you are lucky too, come and enjoy study at Tottori University!