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【Response required】Survey of the Driver's License for International Students 2023

for international students
公開日: 2023-06-12

【Response required】

The driver's license holding status survey is conducted for all international students belonging to Tottori University every year. Please be sure to answer all of them via an online form below. Students who do not have a driver's license must also answer this question.


Deadline:Monday, June 26

※Those who have a driver's license or are currently driving a car or motorcycle, please prepare the following photo data (PDF data is also accepted) before answering.

 ・Driver's license
 ・Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance policy
 ・Voluntary Insurance policy

※There are two types of automobile insurance, "automobile liability insurance" and "voluntary insurance". Tottori University requires all drivers to take out voluntary insurance as well as compulsory automobile liability insurance.