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Application for Special Cash Payments

公開日: 2020-05-18

The Japanese government has officially decided to hand out a special cash payments (100,000 Japanese yen per citizen) as "emergency economic measures for new coronavirus infections". The application documents will be sent by mail from the city office in May. Please make an application form referring to the sample and send it back to them.

Applicants: Those who are registered as residents in the place of residence, as of April 27, 2020.
             International students, foreign researchers and their families can apply.

How to apply: ①Fill out the application form
                 ②Prepare the required documents such as identity verification. 
                 ③Put ①② in a reply envelope and send it.
※If you have My number card, you can apply online form

   Sample of application form  

         Tottori City(English)  (Japanese / Chinese / Korean           Yonago City    

    Matsue City (Not on HP yet)    Yamaguchi City

How to receive: Payment will be made to the account registered through the application form. (Only those who have no bank account of Japan can receive at the city office directly)


Application deadline: The application deadline is as follows. Please be sure to mail by the day before the deadline.

  Tottori City: August 26, 2020    Tottori City HP

  Yonago City: August 19, 2020          Yonago City HP

  Matsue City: August 28, 2020          Matsue City HP

     Yamaguchi City:                             Yamaguchi City HP   (The deadline is not listed on HP)


More details are as follows

   English   Japanese   Chinese   Korean   Thai    Indonesia   Vietnam