International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Would you like to join English Course Day Camp?

for international students
公開日: 2019-10-06

Tottori University Students COOP will do day camp as an opportunity to learn communication through outdoor activities and experience intercultural exchanges for Freshman students who are interested in improving their English proficiency and international exchange. Among them, we are looking for international students who enjoy interactions with Japanese students and help them to study English.


Organizer: Tottori University Student COOP (Daigaku Seikyou)

Date and Time: Monday, November 4.  10:30AM - 3PM

Place:Koyama campus of Tottori University

Activity: English Activities including Cultural Exchange

Participation conditions:
 Students who can communicate in English with Japanese students.
 〇Others: You will be paid 2,000 yen as a reward


Deadline:Wednesday, October 23.