International exchange in Tottori Uni.

【Invitation】Would you reap rice sent to orphan homes in Africa?

公開日: 2016-08-23

Would you reap rice sent to orphan homes in Africa?

We planted rice, which will be sent to orphan homes in Africa, on May 28.  We have had a good rice crop, so we are going to reap it.

Date: Thursday, September 22

Location: around the entrance of Kagoyama trekking rout in Sakahara, Chizu-town

The number of applicants: 20 International students, 5 Japanese students

Meeting Time: 7:45 am (We need to be on time!)

Meeting Place: around the main gate of International House

Clothes:   work clothing for farming

                   ・ a shirt with long sleeves          

                   ・ long trousers

                   ・ sneakers or boots.

What to Take:  towels, extra clothes, and a hat


 8:10     Depart

 9:00     Start working

12:00    Lunch and Exchange meeting (including Mochitsuki)

14:00    Depart

15:00    Arrive at International House

Contact: International Affairs Division by 5pm, Wednesday, September 14.