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【Important】 To Privately-Financed Students Submission of "Scholarship Application Form" for the First Semester of School Year 2016

公開日: 2016-02-08

For Privately- financed Students Only,

For privately-financed students, Tottori University will start providing and accepting the ”Scholarship Application Form" for the first semester of the 2016 academic year.

Tottori University will decide on Scholarship Application Forms submitted by privately-financed students using a recommendation ranking-based system. Then, when scholarship foundations ask Tottori University to recommend certain international students as potential scholarship recipients during the first semester of the 2016 academic year, the University will recommend students from the upper part of the ranking list to those scholarship foundations after confirming students’ need for financial support. (Note: Submitting this Scholarship Application Form to Tottori University does NOT guarantee you will be able to receive a scholarship. Likewise, you will be unable to receive any scholarships if you do not submit this form.)

For Privately-financed students who would like to apply for scholarships, we ask that you please submit the Scholarship Application Form during the application period. Please come to the International Affairs Division (IAD) to receive your Scholarship Application Form. (Students in Yonago region, application forms are available at the Gakusei-kakari of the Faculty of Medicine.)

For students of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences in Shimane University and Yamaguchi University, the IAD will send the application form to your supervisor. (If a scholarship foundation accepts for recommendation of all students enrolled at Tottori University, students enrolled in the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences program at Shimane University or Yamaguchi University will also be considered.)
※Regarding "学習奨励費 Gakushushoreihi" provided by JASSO, Tottori University will recommend the selected international students who belong to the Tottori University and Tottori University United Graduate School of Agriculture Sciences in Shimane and Yamaguchi as its recipients. Students who enrolled in the Yamaguchi University United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences will be selected as its recipients by Yamaguchi University.

※Exchange Students( Special auditing students and Special research students) will not be able to apply for scholarships.

Deadline: 5 pm, Friday, April 1, 2016
If you are not able to receive the recommendation letter from your supervisor by the stated deadline, please consult the IAD staff in advance and submit your Scholarship Application Form by the application period deadline.

We will not accept any Application documents submitted after the stated deadline.

**Note: New students starting their academic year from April should further consult the IAD staff about their Scholarship Application Form process.

*Documents to be submitted:

(1)Scholarship Application Form for the first semester of the 2016 academic year.

(2)Recommendation letter from your supervisor

If your spouse receives any income, please submit his/her latest certificate of income issued by the city office or his/her certificate of income and withholding tax, 源泉徴収票, for the previous year issued by his/her employer.
Please feel free to ask the IAD staff if you have any questions about those certificates. 

Submitting this Scholarship Application Form to Tottori University does NOT guarantee you will be able to receive a scholarship.
We will make the ranking list based on the following points,

 1. Academic performance
 2. Seniority in school
 3. Past scholarship allowance since you enrolled in Tottori University
 4. Participation in international exchange activities such as shan-shan festival, taking care of  a flower bed and so on etc.

List of scholarship for privately-financed students;