International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Massage from participants of English Program in University of Malaya, Malaysia

Summer program in 2018

My life in Malaysia
Selamatpagi! This is Malaysian language, and the meanning is 'Good morning!'. My friends always give me a lot of words of Malaysia languages. Everyday is adventure at new places. It is very interesting! Menarik gila!
Summer program has already started, and we really enjoyed our life in Malaysia.

I’m going to explain you our daily schedule of University Malaya.
① We usually get up at 7:00 and prepare ourselves. School Bus comes in front of our dormitory, and we get on it at 8:00 with our buddies.
② At U.M, we eat breakfast which is Malaysian foods. For example, Nasi Lemak or Mee goreng. Foods in here is very spicy, but we eat too much because it is delicious. It’s so strong for almost all of Japanese people.
③ After we eat breakfast, we join classes from 9:00.In the morning, we have two classes. And each of them are 2 hours.
④ At 13:30, we can eat lunch with local buddies. It is also Malaysian food. We can enjoy talking with them.
⑤ In the afternoon, we have one classes.
⑥ At 16:30, we can have afternoon tea! There is a custom of afternoon tea, because of British influence.
⑦ Then, we go back to dormitory.
⑧ Taking a rest or doing something.
⑨ Finally, we go out for dinner at 20:00.
⑩ Sleeping at 23:00

There are five types of classes, Grammar & Usage, Speaking & Pronunciation, Writing & Composition, Reading & Vocabulary and English drama. All of them are taught by wonderful teachers, and we are always stimulated. One teacher said that our brain looks like a recorder, so we have dreams in the night. So, more and more action we have done, we can get a lot of knowledge. Interesting!