入寮申し込み 2024
Application for the Dormitory 2024

応募期間 / Period of application : 期限なし

  1. * 認証コード :

    指定された認証コードを入力してください。/ Please enter the given authentication code.

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    Applications are accepted 3 months prior to the move-in date.

  2. *

    名前(アルファベットで入力)/Name (in Alphabet)

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  5. 電話番号/ Phone number

    - -

    日本で連絡がとれる電話を持っている人のみ/Only those who have a phone that can be used to contact you in Japan.
    *When you decide on a phone number, such as buying a SIM card, please let the International Affairs Division know.

  6. 指導教員のメールアドレス/Email of your supervisor

    ・ 入力されたアドレスにあなたの登録情報が共有されます。
      Your registration information will be shared with the address entered.
    ・ 私費外国人入試に合格した人は次のアドレスを記入してください。
      If you have been accepted for the entrance examination for privately financed international students, please fill in the following address.

  7. *

    Please indicate the date and time you plan to move into the International student house. If you are undecided, please write "undecided" and tell the Student Affairs Division (kokuko-gaku@ml.adm.tottori-u.ac.jp) as soon as you decide.

  1. *

    家族と一緒に滞在することを希望しますか?Would you like to stay with your family?

  2. 同居家族について/ About Family Member Residing with

    必要事項:名前、生年月日、性別、続柄(全員分記入してください)/ Required information:Name, Birthday, Gender, Relationship(Please fill in information for the whole family)

  3. 家族の入居日/Date of Family Member’s moving into the dormitory

    留学生の入居日より2か月以上家族の到着が遅れる場合:最初は一人部屋に入居し、家族の到着に合わせて部屋を変更する可能性があります。/If the arrival of the family is delayed by more than two months from the international student's entry date: You may first move into a single room and change rooms as your family arrives.

  1. *

    布団セットの手配について:どのように布団セットを用意しますか?/ Arrangement of Futon(bedding)set :How do you prepare a Futon set?

    【布団セットの内容/Contents of Futon Set】
    ・掛け布団、掛け布団カバー/Quilts and Quilt Covers
    ・敷布団、敷布団カバー/Futon mattress and Futon mattress Covers
    ・枕、枕カバー/Pillows and Pillow Covers

    ※ 留学生宿舎に入居する人は必ず布団セットの準備が必要です。
    * All students moving into the International Student Housing must have a futon set ready.
    * A mattress and sheets alone will not be permitted.
    * If you wish to make your own arrangements, be sure to do so in advance so that you can start using the room on the day you move in.

    【Reference】 Cost of bedding ordered through Tottori University: approx. 10,000 yen.
    Price may go up or down.

  2. 何セット必要ですか?/How many Futon set do you need ?

    一人1セット用意してください/Please order one set per person

  3. 【注意事項】
    1) 注文後キャンセルする場合、キャンセル料がかかる場合があります。
    2) 留学生宿舎に到着後、1週間以内に料金を支払う必要があります。
    1) Cancellation of an order after it has been placed may result in a cancellation fee.
    2) You need to pay within one week after your arrival at the Dormitory.

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    You are not able to choose room type.
    If there are many applicants, you may have to stay in a double or a triple room, except for a family stay.

  2. *


    As a rule, the period of stay is limited to one year.

  3. *


    As a rule, it is not possible to change rooms after moving in.(Exceptions apply, such as family stays.)

  4. *





    The dormitory is an older building and is still in its original construction. If you are looking for new facilities and environment, please look for private apartments.

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    Except for short-term residents, rent is to be paid by direct debit from your Japan Post Bank account.

    Upon arrival in Tottori, please promptly create a Japan Post Bank account and submit it to the International Affairs Division.

  6. *





    We do not prorate the rent for the use of the dormitory.

    Even if you move in at the end of the month, you will still be charged rent for that month.

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    Please check the following link for accommodations well in advance.



  8. *




    Please note that it may not be possible to move in depending on the availability of international students' accommodations.

  9. 質問があればご記入ください。If you have any questions, please fill in