International strategy in Tottori Uni.

Professor OTACHI Kurie

Professor OTACHI Kurie



Field of Specialization

Teaching Japanese as a Second Language

Main Responsibilities

  • Teaching of Japanese language for international students (including course management)
  • Counseling on academic and life matters for international students
  • Promotion of exchange between international students and Japanese students (through the “Language Partnership System” etc.)
  • Planning and operation of the “Short-term Japanese language & culture training program”
  • Consultation for studying abroad (Taiwan Ming Chuan University)



[Center for International Affairs]
  • Intensive Japanese Language Program: “Basic Japanese” “Kanji and Sentence Building”
  • Comprehensive Japanese Language Course: “Kanji Workshop”
[Common Couse Subjects]
  • Japanese in Practice I & II
[Faculty of Regional Sciences]
  • Teaching Practice of Japanese as a Foreign Language I


Other Activities

  • Planning and operation of exchange events between international students and elementary, junior and senior high school students
  • Cooperation with Japanese Language classes for foreigners living in the local community
  • Teaching courses on Japanese language volunteers training, at the request of various regional areas
  • Teaching a course for the renewal of teachers’ licenses etc.


Research Themes

  • Task-based language teaching (TBLT)
  • Collaborative dialogue and interaction in Japanese language classroom
  • Paradigms of Japanese language volunteer activities


Publications (latest and main works)

  • Otachi, K., T. Senda, K. Nakagawa S. Yoshida and H. Yonese. 2010. “Handbook for Japanese Language Volunteers”. Bonjinsha Inc.
[Original Paper]
  • Otachi, K. 2011. ‘Narratives of foreign-born mentors in Japan: Their life courses and sense of ownership as communicated through their activities.’ Intercultural Education 33: 115-126.
  • Otachi, K. 2013. “The Significance and the Effects of ‘Dialogue -oriented Activity’ in Local Japanese Language Support Groups (JSPS KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) Grant Number 23720266).”


Brief Message

I keep thinking what we should do in order for our University or our regional society becomes more comfortable place for all people in all cultures. All international students and students those who wish to interact with international students are welcome at my office!