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Academic Calendar(New)

Tottori Campus Academic Calendar 2019

*There is possibility of doing some lessons during vacations.

*Extra days are to do make-ups for classes that were canceled due to severe weather warnings



Academic Year begins (First Semester begins), Common subject orientation for all faculty

April 1 (Mon)

Entrance Ceremony and orientation

April 6 (Sat)

Faculty orientation

April 8 (Mon)

1st Semester and 1st quarter classes begin

April 9 (Tue.)

Monday lessons

May 7 (Tue)

Tottori University foundation day

June 1 (Sat)

Extra days for 1st Semester's classes (1st quarter's classes)

June 12 (Wed)
June 13 (Thu)

2nd quarter begins

June 14 (Fri)

Monday lessons

July 19 (Fri)

Extra days for 1st Semester's classes (2nd quarter's classes)

August 10 (Sat)
August 11 (Sun)

Summer vacation

August 12 (Mon) to
September 30 (Mon)

1st Semester ends

September 30 (Mon)

2nd Semester begins

October 1 (Tue)

2nd Semester and 3rd quarter classes begin

October 1 (Tue)

Monday lessons

October 17 (Thu)

Monday lessons

November 6 (Wed)

Extra days for 2nd Semester's lessons (3rd quarter's lessons)

November 29 (Fri) to 
December 2 (Mon)

4th quarter classes begin

December 3 (Tue)

Friday lessons

December 25 (Wed)

Winter Vacation

December 27 (Fri) to
January 5 (Sun)

Monday lessons

January 14 (Tue)

No classes because of preparation for the National Center Test for University Admissions

January 17 (Fri)

Extra days for 2nd Semester's lessons (4th quarter's lessons)

February 7 (Fri) and 
February 10 (Mon)

Graduation Ceremony

March 18 (Wed)

Spring Vacation

February 11 (Tue) to
March 31 (Tue)

Academic Year ends (Second Semester ends)

March 31(Tue)


2019 Examination Period


Examination Period


1st Semester

June 5 (Wed) to June 11 (Tue)

1st quarter subjects

August 5 (Mon) to August 9 (Fri)

1st Semester and 2nd quarter subjects

2nd Semester

November 22 (Fri)
to November 28 (Thu)

3rd quarter subjects

January 31 (Fri) to February 6 (Thu)

2nd Semester and 4th quarter subjects