International exchange in Tottori Uni.

Professor ANDO Takayuki (Vice Director)

Professor ANDO Takayuki (Vice Director)




Field of Specialization

 Development and evaluation of Global Human Resource Competencies

Main Responsibilities

1. Lecture (The Center for International Affairs)
  1. Introduction to Japanese culture I, II
  2. Global citizens workshop (assigning tasks)
2. Other Activities
  1. Planning, operation and evaluation of Overseas Practical Education Program in Mexico
  2. Global Human Resource Competencies
  3. Board Member of Tottori Prefectural International Exchange Foundation


Research Themes

  1. Development and evaluation of Global Human Resouce Competencies
  2. Research on the sustainable rural development system in  arid land



  • Ando T., Tsunekawa A., Tsubo M. and Kobayashi H. 2012, Impact of introducing of Jatropha curcas L. on the current home farming system A case study of Tierra Santa Village, Mexico. Japanese Journal of Farm Management, 50 (3): 78-83 (in Japanese).
  • Ando T. and Zamarripa-Colmenero, A., 2013, Jatropha and sustainable rural development system -A case study of the state of Chiapas, Mexico, International Cooperation of Agriculture and Forestry 36 (3): 2-10 (in Japanese).
doctoral thesis
  • Ando, Takayuki, 2013, A Study on the Spread of Biofuel Crop Jatropha Cultivation on Family Farms in Chiapas, Mexico


Brief Message

I've been studying on how to realize sustainable rural development system in arid land in view of the international cooperaton in the Arid Land Research Center of Tottori University. Now in the Center for the  International Affairs, I'm going to tackle to realize an environment for both international and Japanese students can enjoy campus life and leap towards the future.