International exchange in Tottori Uni.

Especially Appointed Associate Professor Roxana Y. Parada Jaco

Especially Appointed Associate Professor Roxana Y. Parada Jaco



Field of Specialization

Agricultural Science, specialization in plant pathology and biology of plant-microbe interactions. 

Main Responsibilities

- Coordinating the “Global Gateway Program”
-Planning and operation the short-term English Program for Japanese students  (Malaysia)

Other Activities

-Collaborative operation of the Overseas Practical Education Program (Mexico).
-Collaborative activities for international students.
-Fostering the Tottori University education network abroad.


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Brief Message

Hello everybody, my name is Roxana, from May of 2017, I have joined the team of Professors at the Center for International Affairs of Tottori University. I got my PhD from Tottori University in March 2008 from the Graduate School of Agriculture, and since then I have been working as a Post Doc Researcher at Tottori and Shimane University.

I would like to encourage Tottori University students who are interesting to learn foreign languages, and explore the world to gain new experiences that will help you to better understand different cultures and increase your cultural awareness.