International exchange in Tottori Uni.

International Space

International Space


  Cultural Exchange Room: Enjoy chatting here sitting on nice sofas.
  You can watch BS TV programs and DVD movies here.
  Language Study Room: You can relax and study by yourself.
  You can surf the Internet and use DVD or Blue Ray recorder for study.
  Multipurpose Meeting Room: We can have International Sessions.
  Student Support Office: A teacher of Center for International Affairs is working here.



access and notes


  This space is on 2F of the building of Faculty of Regional Sciences (indicated by yellow line).
  You can go in and out through this door on Education Center's side, till 21 o'clock.
  The space is on the 2nd floor of Faculty of Regional Sciences. Go in as the arrows show.
  The international exchange space on the 2nd floor of Faculty of Regional Sciences.
  Cultural Activity Room: usually used by mainly muslims for their activity. This room is always open.
    You can stay here from 8:00 to 19:00. The room locks automatically at 19:00 but you can go out after then.