Immigration Process - Re-entry Permit

Re-entry Permit (except special re-entry permit)

When foreign residents with valid visa leave Japan without re-entry permit, they will lose their visa and must acquire a new visa to come to Japan.
However, if they go to the Immigration office to obtain a re-entry permit prior to leaving Japan, their visa status will remain valid and they may re-enter Japan without obtaining a new visa from an Embassy of Japan.
There are two types of re-entry permits. The first is limited to one time use. The second is called a Multiple Re-entry Permit and may be used as many as you would like until your visa expires.

Required documents

  1. Application for Reentry PermitApplication for re-entry Permit
  2. Passport
  3. Resident card
  4. Statement of Fee PaymentCertificate for Payment of Fee(3,000 yen for single permit or 6,000 yen for multiple permit (Payment must be made with Revenue Stamps))

Permit Fee (at the time of application)

Single Permit 3,000 yen
Multiple Permit 6,000 yen
Please purchase Revenue Stamps worth the appropriate amount at the post office and affix it to your Statement of Fee Payment.