Immigration Process -  Change of status of residence

Immigration Process

Change of status of residence

In the event that you change your present purpose of residence (College Student) to conduct activities that correspond with a different visa status, you must apply for a Permit to Change Visa Status at the Immigration Bureau.
For example, if after graduation from a Japanese university or graduate school, a International  Student finds a Job in Japan, he or she must apply for a "Change of Status of Residence" to go from the visa status of "College Student" to "Specialist in Humanities/ International Services," "Engineer" or other..

*Please be aware that application will not always result in a permit being issued.

Documents required to change status to "Exchange Student"

*Any documents created in a language other than Japanese or English must be translated into Japanese or English prior to submission.
  1. Application for Change of Status of ResidenceApplication for Change of Status of Residence
  2. One photo of the applicant(4cm(height)×3cm(width))
  3. Passport
  4. Resident card
  5. Statement of Fee Payment Certificate for Payment of Feet (with 4,000 yen Revenue stamp)
  6. A copy of the School Entrance Permit
  7. Research Students and Special Auditing Student's and Special Research Student's must have documents that certify the period of research, the subject and number of hours, and content of research.
    (A Research Proposal created by your supervisor, Special Auditing Students need to submit a copy of the curriculum which states the lecture subject and number of hours).
    *A document issued by an organization, such the university department, if the student is applying at the Immigration office in person.
  8. A document testifying to your ability to pay all your expenses during your stay
    ●When the applicant will pay tuition and living expenses:
    1. Scholarship Certificate
    2. A Bank Certification of Deposit from your own bank
      (Please attach a document that supports the legitimacy of the process of proving your assets such as a Tax Declaration Certificate or a Statement of Employment.)
    3. Remittance Certificate
    ●When someone except the applicant will pay tuition and living expenses"
    1. A Pledge for Payment created by the sponsor
    2. One or several of the following documents that attest that the sponsor is able to pay the applicant's school and living expenses
      • The sponsor's Tax Declaration Certificate (which shows gross earnings)
      • Certificate of Tax Withheld
      • Copy of the Final Income Tax Return
      • The sponsor's Bank Certificate (Please attach something to support the legitimacy of the sponsor's process of proving such assets, such as a tax declaration certificate or certificate of employment.)
    3. A document attesting to the relationship between the student and the sponsor